Enhanced compliance with HEDIS®/Stars

In today’s ever-changing healthcare landscape, organizations are required to demonstrate quality across the care continuum. For example, health plans throughout the United States use The Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS®) as a tool to measure and reliably compare performance on important dimensions of care. HEDIS® is also one component on which Medicare bases its Stars ratings—another tool for gauging performance.

MA365™ supports your organization’s HEDIS® compliance efforts and enhances your Stars scores. Through “active listening” involving claims/encounter files, enrollment files, chart abstractions and more, our expert staff identifies non-compliance on any member-eligible HEDIS® measure. By leveraging solutions, such as On Premise™ and the Health Advocacy Programs (HAP™), your organization can proactively get at-risk members into care, closing any HEDIS® compliance gaps and driving up Medicare Stars ratings. MA365™ measures and monitors 33 of the 36 Medicare Part C Stars measures and any Part D medication adherence measures for all members of interest (MOIs).

MA365™ also offers transparent HEDIS® reporting solutions on demand. These are user-friendly tools that help your organization effectively understand and respond to compliance data and communicate that data both internally and externally.

MA365™ can positively impact your revenue by improving compliance and clearly demonstrating quality care.