First industry Web-based solution harnesses power of health data collection, medical chart review

Outcomes Health delivered the first Web-based health data collection and auditing solution in the industry – ODIS™ Health Information Technology. ODIS™ delivers best-in-class, affordable technology for managing and mobilizing clinical data. Outcomes Health provides the industry’s most comprehensive and sophisticated data-improvement technology, which enables the medical chart review process.

Built from years of experience refining the acquisition, analysis and repurposing of patient data, ODIS™ technology is offered as a bundle of Web-based tools or as a subscription-based product that eliminates both capital and administrative overhead to support in-house installations.

Outcomes Health’s primary analytical power comes from its clinical professionals and the streamlined workflow processes that have been built over the past decade to ensure the best health data collection process in the industry.

But without the strategic investment in technology, Outcomes Health never could have established the depth of our capabilities today when it comes to medical chart review and other services.

The technology is available to Outcomes Health’s clients via the Web. These tools benefit multiple stakeholders in the healthcare industry including health plans providers, pharmaceutical companies and ultimately, members – all with one goal in mind: transforming the disconnected healthcare system through the use of better data obtained through medical chart review, the first step in the process.