April 2014 Webinar

Outcomes Health delivers best-in-class healthcare information solutions


Data drives decision-making for all kinds of health care organizations, including health plans, physicians, hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies and researchers. All demand quality, timely, and accurate healthcare information from multiple sources. Despite the stakes, many groups make decisions based on data they have, not data they need. Consequently, they must be equipped with intelligent healthcare information solutions.


From the swirl of healthcare data management chaos, Outcomes Health Information Solutions extracts meaningful order and patterns. Better data enables organizations to make better decisions.

Like no one else, Outcomes Health delivers uniquely transparent healthcare information solutions through a nationwide network of RN auditors and certified coders – the most skilled and professional team in the industry. With easy-to-use Web tools, you see the data when we see the data. Our Web-enabled analytics platform collects and aggregates improved data, and then presents instant views into payment integrity and clinical quality performance.


Repurposing data for efficient healthcare data management


By repurposing harvested information from multiple, disparate sources such as claims, encounters, and medical records, efforts can be leveraged from one project and optimized to meet data management needs for an entire organization. Outcomes Health can help reduce time, expense and duplication of efforts through our strategy of healthcare data management known as Eco-Scaling™. The process creates ECOnomies of SCALE by acquiring, analyzing and repurposing data for a variety of healthcare information solutions.


Whatever your healthcare data management needs – whether they be payment integrity programs such as HCC risk adjustment, quality initiatives like HEDIS® or health advocacy and outreach for members and patients – let Outcomes Health analyze the data and deliver healthcare data management solutions that improve financial and clinical quality outcomes, with compelling return on investment.